Reverse Reaction Quick Finish Basketball Rebounding Drill

Reverse Reaction Quick Finish Basketball Rebounding Drill


A big part of rebounding the basketball effectively is reacting quickly once the shot goes up. If you can react quicker than anyone else, you will have an advantage. This basketball rebounding drill is great for practicing your reaction time and then also working on finishing quickly around the basket before the shot blocker has a chance to gather and get up off the ground to block the shot.

It doesn’t matter if you are a center or a point guard. This is a great basketball drill to work on because everyone should be boxing out and rebounding once the shot goes up.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Reverse Reaction Quick Finish Basketball Rebounding Drill

Equipment Needed: 1 Basketball and 1 Partner.


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Goals of the Drill

  • Work on reacting quickly to the rebound and then finishing around the basket with a quick finish.


Coaching Points

  • Focus on good defensive slides and push yourself even if you are tired.
  • As soon as the shot goes up, get your head turned around and locate the basketball.
  • Practice reacting as quickly as you can and really cover ground on the rebound.
  • Mix up your finishes and be creative.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • Partner/coach will stand with the basketball at the free-throw line, and the player will start on either lane line halfway up the lane with their back to the backboard.
  • The player will begin to defensive slide back and forth across the lane.
  • Whenever the coach/partner feels like it, they will throw the basketball against the backboard/rim, and as soon as they do, the player must turn, react, and rebound the basketball.
  • As soon as they catch the ball, they will use a quick finish around the basket.
  • After the player scores, they will get the ball out of the net and then reset for the next repetition.
  • You can go for the desired amount of time or number of reps.


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