How to Do a Rondo Fake Shot Fake Step Through Move in Basketball

How to Do a Rondo Fake Shot Fake Step Through Move in Basketball


Rajon Rondo is arguably one of the best point guards in the league, and one of the main reasons he is so good is because of his craftiness with the basketball. When he attacks the basket, he almost always uses a fake of some sort to get the defender off balance or out of place. This is one of the basketball fundamentals for finishing around the basket off of a pivot move.

This move is the advanced version of the Rondo fake, it is used when the defender doesn’t quite bite on the first move, and you must use another shot fake before getting your shot off. Watch this basketball training video to learn how to do a rondo fake and get some tips to help make the move work for you. Whether you use this move in a game or not, it is still good for working on your footwork and being under control when you drive the basketball.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: How to Do a Rondo Fake Shot Fake Step Through Move in Basketball

Equipment Needed: 1 basketball and a basket.


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Goals of the Drill

  • Learn how to use the Rondo fake shot fake step through the right way and how to really sell the move in a game.


Coaching Points

  • Make sure that your fake is at the rim and not out to the side.
  • The time to use this move is when you have an athletic defender on your hip trying to run down your shot for a block.
  • You must jump off both feet after you step through, or it will be a travel.
  • After you Rondo fake, don’t step back too far but pivot around.
  • When you step through after the shot fake, don’t drop the ball down to where the defender can strip it.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  1. Drive to your right down the middle of the paint or lane line with the basketball in your right hand.
  2. When you get to the basket, plant your right foot as your pivot foot, and extend up towards the basket like you will shoot a reverse layup.
  3. The imaginary defender doesn’t go for the fake, so you will pivot on your right foot and bring your left foot around.
  4. Now shot fake the basketball and then step through past the imaginary defender for the finish.

*If you drive to the left, you will pivot with your left foot and Rondo fake with your right hand.


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