Shooting a Basketball

Shooting a Basketball


Shooting the basketball into the hoop is how you score points and ultimately win games. When first learning how to shoot a basketball, there are several things that you want to make sure that you are doing. These are called the fundamentals of shooting. Not everyone’s shot will look the same, but without the fundamentals of shooting, you will not be able to become an outstanding shooter. There are 3 different shooting areas that you need to work on to become a good shooter. They are, shot preparation, the actual shot, and the follow-through.



Shot Preparation When Shooting a Basketball

This is what you do before the basketball gets to your hands for the shot. You want to be down ready on your shot so that you can go right up for the shot when the ball gets there. Being down ready means bending your knees, dropping your butt, and showing your hands.

As you catch the basketball, you want your momentum to be moving towards the basket. You can do this by stepping 1,2 into your shot or by hopping into your shot. It is up to you what method you use, but make sure that you are consistent with your choice.



The Technique of Shooting a Basketball

When you catch the ball, you want to keep it in front of your body with your shooting arm bent. Your body should be squared up to the basket, and the ball should be resting on your fingers and upper palm,  and your wrist should be cocked back. As you bring the basketball up your body to shoot, you will jump off the ground.

Now push the basketball upwards and out, lock your arm out and snap your wrist forward as you do, at the same time take your guide hand off the ball. You want your pointer and middle finger to be the last two fingers on the ball. Make sure that you release the basketball while you are on the way up, right as you get to your peak.

Follow Through on Your Shot

As the ball releases from your shooting hand, you need to hold your follow-through. Keep your arm up, hand still forward and pointed at the basket, don’t let it drift out to the side. Land with your feet in the same place as you jumped from or slightly forward (unless you are purposely fading away). Don’t kick your leg out and land on both feet at the same time. All of this will have a big impact on whether your shot goes in or not.

Now that you have read this basketball basics article, you need to get in the gym and work on your shot. Here is a list of all our basketball shooting drills for even more great shooting resources to become a great shooter.

It is important to note that not every shooter in basketball will have the same form. If you look at the best shooters in the NBA, you will see various shooting motions. It is important, though, that you are locking in on these basics and then finding the right shooting motion for you as a basketball player.


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