Slide Away Basketball Finishing Drill

Slide Away Finishing Basketball Drill


This basketball finishing drill will allow the player(s) to practice a game-specific move that they will encounter multiple times throughout the course of a game. The drill will work on exploiting a drive and kick where a defensive player helps and then takes a poor closeout angle to get back to the ball.

Working on the slide during the drive also teaches the player to create space and put their defender in a tougher situation on the drive and kick. This is a great basketball drill to use with your guards in practice or a small group training session.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Slide Away Basketball Finishing Drill

Equipment Needed: 1-2 basketballs and 1 passer.


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Goals of the Drill


Coaching Points

  • Don’t slide out too far to the wing because it limits spacing if there is another player in the corner wing area.
  • Rip on a straight line to the basket (don’t round your rip through) and really throw your foot out there.
  • Really lock in on the different details of each finish and do it the correct way.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • The line of players will start in the right slot (lane line extended) at the 3 point line, and the passer will be in the left slot with the ball.
  • When the drill starts, the passer will put the ball down and drive to the right and towards the basket.
  • At the same time, the player will start to slide laterally to create space.
  • The passer will simulate that a help defender stepped up to cut them off, and they will kick the ball out to the player.
  • As the player is catching the ball, they will rip through to the right and attack the basket.
  • You can work on whatever type of finish you would like; strong finish, runner, floater, Euro step, reverse, etc.
  • Once the player finishes, they will pass the ball back and then get in line again.
  • After the desired amount of reps, switch over to the left slot, and repeat.


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