Staggered Stance Jump Rope Drill (Same)

Staggered Stance Jump Rope Drill (Same)


Footwork is used in so many areas of the game of basketball. Whether you are a shooter going into your shot from different spots on the floor or a big man posting up on the block and finishing with a good post move, footwork is important. Jump rope workouts are one of the best ways to improve a player’s footwork and make them more efficient when moving on the floor.

The jump rope will force the player to keep their feet moving in a specific pattern and help them learn to stay light on their feet as they are jumping up and down. This basketball workout is not a schoolyard girl’s jump roping activity. It will be full speed; push yourself as hard as you can, and learn to have quick feet. With all the value that jumping rope brings to the player, it is a must-add to any basketball training plan.



Jump Rope Drill Overview

Drill Name: Staggered Stance Jump Rope Drill (Same)

Equipment Needed: Jump Rope


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Goals of the Drill

  • Learn to be light on your feet and improve footwork


Coaching Points

  • Push yourself to go as fast as you can while maintaining good footwork and form.
  • Stay light on your feet, don’t let your heels touch the ground, and try not to let the jump rope hit the ground.


Jump Rope Drill Instructions

  • Start jumping rope with your feet in a staggered position, facing your feet forward.
  • Jump in the air and land with your feet in the same position when you land.
  • You can do 3 or so jumps in a row with your right foot forward and then switch in the air on the 4th so that your left foot is forward and rotate every 3 jumps or so.
  • Also, you could do it on command and have a coach say when to switch.


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