Star Drill Shot Fake 1 Dribble Freeze Fake Shot

Star Drill Shot Fake 1 Dribble Freeze Fake Shot


When he played, Chauncey Billups was probably one of the best basketball players at using the one dribble freeze fake shot. What this basketball drill is simulating is that you have shot faked your defender, got them off their feet, taken one dribble past them for the pull-up shot, and either they have recovered to try and block the shot, or another defender has stepped up to try and block the shot. The freeze fake shot allows the defender to fly by and then opens up a shot.

Another great way to use the freeze fake is to draw a foul on the defender that has left their feet. Make sure, though, that you do not lean too far out into the defender, or the referee will not call the foul because you initiated the contact. Basketball shooting drills like this are great because they are working on game-specific types of moves and shots. This will allow you to master these different moves, but also better recognize them in a game.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Star Drill Shot Fake 1 Dribble Freeze Fake Shot

Equipment Needed: 2 basketballs and 2 partners.


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Goals of the Drill

  • Practice the shot fake one dribble pull up freeze fake shot from different spots on the floor.


Coaching Points

  • Visualize the defender going for the shot fake and then again on the freeze fake.
  • Sell the shot fake with your body, eyes, head, ball, etc.
  • Cover ground on the one dribble and keep your eyes up.
  • Make sure that you know the difference between a shot fake and a freeze fake.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • The shooter will start in the left corner, down ready to shoot.
  • They are going to do the same move at 6 different spots.
  • The move is a shot fake one-dribble pull up freeze fake shot.
  • After shooting the basketball in the corner, they will go to the top of the key, right corner, left-wing, right-wing, and then finish in the left corner.
  • The player must run in a straight line to each new spot.
  • Passer needs to walk around and adjust the passing angle for each new spot.


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