Step Back Team Finishing Basketball Drill

Team Step Back Finishing Basketball Drill


Successful basketball players need to have a variety of moves that allow them to create a scoring opportunity, either for themselves or a teammate. Not only do they need to make the moves, but they need to be executed at game speed.

This team basketball drill allows your team to maximize efficiency and get up a high volume of shots in a short period. Using multiple baskets will enable a large group of players to participate in the drill simultaneously. This drill focuses on the step-back move into a shot, followed by an additional pull up shot on a side basket.

While sometimes considered a lower percentage move, the step back can be an effective way for a player to create space and separation against a taller defender, either for a shot or a second attack move. This basketball drill will allow your players to work on their footwork, balance, and speed into a step-back move for a shot. The game speed repetitions will enhance the effectiveness of the repetitions to make the moves more realistic.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Step Back Team Finishing Basketball Drill

Equipment Needed: Two obstacles (chairs, cones, trash cans), basketballs (one per player), a passer, and a side hoop (optional), live defender (optional), clock/timer (optional).


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Goals of the Drill

  • Work on the step-back move as a way to create space and separation against a defender. 
  • Expand a player’s individual attack moves to be able to score in a variety of ways.
  • Work on a player’s first step/dribble off the reception of the pass (at game speed) to focus on exploding into the move.
  • Focus on a player’s balance from the step-back move into their shot.
  • To maximize repetitions through the use of multiple baskets, with players going at game speed.


Coaching Points

  • Players need to sprint full speed into the pass to work on a clean reception of the ball into their move. Players should have their hands up and ready to receive the pass and call for the ball.
  • The first step after receiving the pass needs to be explosive and toward the rim; no lateral steps, as this allows the defense time and space to recover. Hips and shoulder need to be down, and the player needs to stay low and athletic to get by the defender.
  • Players need to make sure they put their dribble down simultaneously with their first step to avoid a traveling violation.
  • Keep eyes up and focused on the rim.
  • The step-back move should create a “V” shape to maximize the space created away from a defender.
  • Footwork from the step back into the shot needs to be clean. Once the dribble is picked up, there are no extra steps to gather and gain balance.
  • Players need to focus on their balance into their shot, making sure their hips and shoulders are open toward the basket.
  • Encourage a speed dribble and hard attack into the pull-up shot (or optional finishing move) on the side basket.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • Place an obstacle on the right block and have the players line up on the left sideline near half-court. Each player in line will need a basketball (or as many players as possible to maximize repetitions and speed of drill).
  • The passer will set up at the left-wing or elbow area. If you have a side basket available, place another obstacle at the right elbow area of the side basket.
  • The first player in line will pass the ball to the coach and then cut hard toward the basket, receiving the ball as they approach the top of the key.
  • As they receive the pass back from their coach, they will attack toward the basket and right lane line with their right hand.
  • As they approach the obstacle, they will use their step-back move and shoot a mid-range shot.
  • They will get their own rebound and immediately attack the side basket obstacle for a dribble pull-up shot.
  • The player will rebound their pull-up shot and speed dribble back into line at half court.
  • Players will continue this pattern until a specific score or time is achieved.
  • The drill can be duplicated on the other side of the court to have the players attack with their left hand into the step back and pull up shots.


Recommended Time, Steps, Scoring, and Repetitions

  • This basketball shooting drill is demonstrated with each player receiving one point for a made step-back shot and two points for a made pull-up shot, with the goal being seven points. However, you could also do the same drill for a specific amount of time (i.e., 2 minutes), and the player with the most points is the winner of the drill.
  • Depending on what move or shot you want to emphasize with your players, the scoring for each of the moves could also be adjusted. For example, if you want to place a greater emphasis on the step-back shot, then that could be worth two points, and the pull-up shot on the side basket could be worth one point.
  • To change and add creativity to the drill, instead of having players shoot a pull-up shot on the side basket, you could have them work on a finishing move to the rim. For example, they could finish with a floater, an inside-hand lay-up, a reverse lay-up, or a variety of other moves. This finishing move can be pre-determined by the coach, or you can allow the players to decide their finishes.
  • To make the drill even more game-like, you can add a live defender on the step-back shot (rather than a cone or stationary object). This defender can simply contest the shot, or you can add a decision-making component, where the offensive player would need to read the defense on the step back. The attacking player would read whether they have created enough space to get the shot off or whether the defense has recovered but is off-balance, which would then allow the offensive player to make a second attack move to finish all the way to the rim.


Team Step Back Finishing Drill


Step Back Team Finishing Basketball Drill Conclusion

While team play is the ultimate goal, individual players need to have the skillset to create scoring opportunities. Whether that be to score in isolation, take advantage of a mismatch, or create a shot at an end of clock situation.

This Step Back Finishing Team Basketball Drill gives players another move to enhance their repertoire and become a more effective offensive player. The pace and speed simulate game-like shots while also working on balance and footwork into the shot.


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