How to Do a Sweep Move in Basketball

How to Do a Sweep Move in Basketball


A sweep or a rip through move is a big part of the game of basketball. However, many players do not use it the right way, or they are not as efficient with it as they could be. There are two main types of sweeps you will use in a game. One type of sweep you can use is right when you catch the ball, and the other is out of the triple threat position. Both are basketball fundamentals that every player should learn and do their best to master.

This basketball training video will explain how to do a sweep out of the triple threat position and then also have a player demonstrate the move so that you can see exactly how it is done. A big key to this move is being able to square up your defender in a triple threat position and then read them. The better you are able to read your defender, the easier it will be for you to make the correct move and become a better scorer, or a threat to create for a teammate.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: How to Do a Sweep Move in Basketball

Equipment Needed: 1 basketball, partner, and a basket.


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Goals of the Drill

  • Learn the proper footwork and fundamentals of sweeping or ripping through from the triple threat position.


Coaching Points

  • Protect the basketball while you are in the triple threat, and be strong with the ball.
  • Mix up your moves and speeds when you are in triple threat because you will be less predictable.
  • Keep your eyes up on the sweep, and be efficient as you can with your dribbles.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  1. Spin the ball to yourself, catch it in the triple threat position, and establish a pivot foot.
  2. Keep your eyes up, protect the ball, and stay low in an athletic stance.
  3. Jab, jab opposite, shot fake, etc., before stepping forward and making the sweep move past the defender.
  4. When you sweep the ball, go in a straight of a line as possible to the basket (north/south) and push the ball out in front of you to cover as much ground as you can.
  5. Now either pull up off of the dribble for a shot or finish at the basket with a floater, dunk, runner, etc.


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