Tight Spaces Full Court Basketball Dribbling Drill

Tight Spaces Full Court Basketball Dribbling Drill


One of the reasons that a team will pick the ball up full court and pressure the ball handler is to speed them up and get them out of control. It is the ball handler’s job to negotiate the pressure defense, bring the ball up the floor, and get the offense into a set. This basketball dribbling drill will work on making a move in the full court past the ball pressure and then cutting off the defender with the body and keeping them from getting back in front. This will help to keep the defender from coming in front again and putting the pressure back on.

Another great use for this type of dribbling move is in semi-transition. If the ball handler can keep the defender on their back hip until about half court, it puts the defense in a tough situation. They have to decide if they will step up to help, leave their man open, or allow the ball handler to shoot a pull-up shot. The big key to this, though, is making sure that the ball handler dictates the speed and that they are under control the whole time.

This one ball basketball dribbling drill will specifically work on the transition use of this move. So in your basketball training, you want the player to really focus on making an explosive move to get past the defender and then keep good body control as they bring the ball up the floor before attacking again in transition. Also, the player needs to keep their eyes up the whole time to see the floor.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Tight Spaces Full Court Basketball Dribbling Drill

Equipment Needed: 1 basketball, a chair, and a partner.


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Goals of the Drill

Work on handling full-court ball pressure and using your body to protect the ball.


Coaching Points

  • Make an explosive move past the defender, and then immediately cut them off with your body.
  • Keep your eyes up the whole time to see the floor.
  • Stay under control, and don’t let the defender speed you up.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • The ball handler will start on the baseline with a basketball, and a defender will guard them with token defense.
  • When the drill starts, the player will start dribbling the ball up the floor with the defender pressuring them.
  • They will make a move with the ball past the defender, cut off the defender with their body, and then use their body to shield the ball and keep the defender behind them.
  • After holding the defender off for a little bit, they are going to attack in transition.
  • The chair will simulate a second help defender, and you can place that anywhere above the 3 point line area.
  • The player will make a move at the chair and then finish with a move at the basket or a pull-up jump shot.


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