Tip In Basketball Finishing Drill

Tip In Basketball Finishing Drill


Offensive rebounds allow for teams to get extra possessions. In close games, a small number of extra possessions could be the difference between winning and losing. This means that a premium needs to be placed on crashing the offensive boards. Not every player needs to crash, but the players you do send to the boards must be equipped with the right tools to get the job done.

Offensive rebounding primarily comes down to heart and being willing to fight on the glass. A player that also has the right timing and touch around the basket makes a big difference. This is where having the right tools comes into play. As mentioned, a player must have the heart and desire to rebound, but they must also have the skills to become a great basketball rebounder.

This basketball rebounding drill mimics an excellent situation for a player to pursue the offensive rebound because of the type of shot being taken and the position of the rebounder. With enough quality repetitions, your players will be able to develop a nose for the basketball and come up with crucial tip backs or even momentum-changing dunk backs at significant moments in a game. This only happens, though, if you are willing to put in the time working on this specific skill.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Tip In Basketball Finishing Drill

Equipment Needed: A player, a shooter, and a basketball.


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Goals of the Drill

  • Work on situational offensive rebounding where an attacking player has a free run to the basket on a shot attempt.
  • Develop good timing on when to jump and tip the miss back in.
  • Work on being able to anticipate where the miss is going, and then quickly get into position to tip the ball back in.
  • Work on developing both of the player’s hands so that they can tip the ball back in with either hand well.
  • Improve the player’s second jump ability and their mindset to stay with the play and immediately jump back up to tip the ball again if the first tip is missed.


Coaching Points

  • Focus on the timing of the jump and tipping as high as possible.
  • Spot your target on the backboard
  • On missed tip-in, get back up off the ground on your jump as quickly as you can – “2nd Jump.” If a player misses their tip-in, they need to get up off the ground as quickly as possible to look to tip the ball in again. This is called a “2nd Jump.” The quicker a player’s second jump is, the more chance they will have to get their hand on the ball for another tip attempt.
  • If the ball bounces off in a way that the rebounder can’t tip at a high percentage, then the player should come down with it.  “Catch it high, and keep it high” for the putback.
  • Dunks look great, but only if they go in. So if you cannot dunk it, make sure that you are still able to tip it back in.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • The rebounder will start on the right block, and the coach/shooter will be on the left block with the basketball. 
  • The shooter is going to miss a shot off of the basket on purpose.
  • The rebounder will jump up off the ground and then tip the basketball back in.
  • If they miss, they will immediately jump back up and look to tip the ball in again. 
  • Once the ball is made on a tip-in, the player will pass the ball to the coach and immediately reset for the next repetition. 
  • Continue this pattern for the desired amount of makes or time, switch sides, and repeat using the left hand to tip.


Recommended Time, Steps, Scoring, and Repetitions

Variations in scoring:

  • Timed competition: 2 points for tips and 1 point for putbacks – players compete for a specified amount of time. 
    • Set up the drill as a timed competition. In this setup, players will get two points for tips and one point for putbacks. When the drill starts, you will have the players cycle through for a set amount of time and have each player keep track of their points. It works best (and helps hinder cheating) if players call out loud how many points they have after each time they go through. It also helps to work on the value of communication.
  • Set number of repetitions:
    • Set up the drill with 2 or more players. Players get a specified number of attempts. So the drill might be each player receives five attempts, and the player scores two points for tips and one point for putbacks. After five on one side, then move to the other side for five attempts.


Tip In Basketball Finishing Drill


Tip In Basketball Finishing Drill Conclusion

Use this basketball drill to be more aware of tip possibilities that come at the end of a pick and roll situation. There are many more places that tip-ins happen; this drill will work one specific situation.  

Other situations where tip-ins occur often are:

  • Mismatches created by switching defenses
  • Rebounding on the weak side of zones
  • Misses that happen in transition
  • On a missed free throws
  • Missed post moves
  • Missed 2-foot finishes


You get what you emphasize. When working in small-sided games or live scrimmage games, give a tip-in an extra point to promote its use in a live situation. Learn to punish big defenders that try to block every shot by getting tip-ins and get extra points.

Great offensive basketball rebounders can give your team a significant advantage on poor shooting nights. Praise and reward the effort when they are learning to add value to the team in an offensive rebounding role.


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