Tony Parker Two Foot Floater Basketball Drill

Tony Parker Two Foot Floater Basketball Drill


Many different players use a two-foot floater and do a great job of using it, but one of the most consistent players to use this move over their career was Tony Parker. He could get by his defender but then had to deal with a much larger shot-blocker coming over to help. The two-foot floater finish highlighted in this basketball finishing drill allowed him to get a finish off over the top of a bigger defender at a high percentage.

This basketball training video will breakdown the different aspects of the two-foot floater finish. It will teach smaller guards how to get to a pocket of space and then get their floater off before the help defender can get to them. If mastered, this finish can be tough to guard and an excellent way to finish around the basket.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Tony Parker Two Foot Floater Basketball Drill

Equipment Needed: One basketball, a basket, and a dummy defender (optional).


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Goals of the Drill

  • Work on finishing with a two-foot floater over a helping shot blocker.


Coaching Points

  • When you are attacking the basket, use your eyes to see the floor and freeze the help defender.
  • If you have a defender on your hip after making a blow-by move, don’t open back up to the defender; keep them on your hip as you go for the finish.
  • You can work on both a more extended floater finish and a quicker floater finish.
  • Make sure that you have a strong base with your feet on your finish.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • The player will start with the basketball out on the 3 point line (top of the key or wherever you would like to attack from).
  • From here, the player will begin to handle the basketball.
  • They will then make an attacking move past the imaginary defender to the basket.
  • When they get into the middle area of the paint, they will jump up off of two feet and shoot a floater (work on both right and left hand).
  • If there are multiple players, the next player in line will go; if not, the player will reset and go again.
  • You can set up cones or chairs if you would like as well.
  • One cone/chair to make the dribble move at and one to finish over as the help defender.


Recommended Time, Steps, Scoring, Repetitions

  • If doing this drill for a set number of repetitions, make sure that you are working on both hands equally. Also, it will be beneficial to work on attacking from different areas on the floor. You could set this up with sets and do a set from each wing and the top of the key for three total sets.
  • Another way to do this is for a set amount of time. If you decide to do this, place 3-5 minutes on the clock for each spot you will attack from, and then rotate to the next spot after that time is finished.
  • Similar to the repetitions way, you could count only makes and have the player complete a specific number of makes from each spot.



Tony Parker Two Foot Floater


Tony Parker Two Foot Floater Basketball Drill Conclusion

You don’t have to be the biggest and strongest player on the floor to be a great finisher in basketball. However, you have to have the needed skills to be able to finish over or around bigger defenders. You must be able to know when to be athletic, crafty, etc. This Tony Parker finishing move will be perfect for taking advantage of a defender before they can rotate to help.

The player will be able to get in the paint, find a pocket of open space, and then get off a high-quality floater finish before the defense can step up. If the defensive help commits early, the player can dump off the ball or kick it to an open teammate. This only happens, though, if the driver is an offensive threat.


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