Up and Under Basketball Post Drill

Up and Under Post Basketball Drill


Great basketball post players have 2 or 3 moves that they have mastered and then counters for those moves if the defender tries to take it away. You don’t have to have a bunch of moves and flash to be great in the post.

This basketball post move drill is going to work on driving the post player back for a hook shot, but then instead of going up with a straight hook shot, the player is going to sell the hook to get the defender off of their feet and then use an up-and-under finish. It is a really great move to use against defenders that like to try and block shots.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Up and Under Basketball Post Drill

Equipment Needed: 1 basketball and two partners.


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Goals of the Drill

  • Work on finishing in the post with the up and under move.


Coaching Points

  • Take your time on the catch, be under control, and stay balanced.
  • The details sell the up and under move, so make sure that you use your eyes, the ball, and your body.
  • Make sure that you are staying in a wide strong base.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • The ball will start at the top of the key on the left lane line, and the post player will be on the left block with a dummy defender on them.
  • To start this basketball drill, the ball handler/passer will dribble over to the wing.
  • As they are doing that, the post player is going to duck in and post up.
  • The dummy defender is going to drive the post player off of the block to receive the catch.
  • The post player will receive the entry pass, check their inside shoulder, and then back down the defender towards the middle.
  • When the post player gets to a deep position in the paint, they will shot fake a hook shot and then step through to the left side of the defender for a finish.
  • Repeat this action for as many reps as desired and then switch sides.


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