Walking Lunges Basketball Drill

Walking Lunges Basketball Drill


Lunges are a good way to work on a player’s leg strength and help work on flexibility in the hips and lower back area. It is a pretty simple exercise to do, but it is an excellent basketball exercise to do for players that want to improve their quickness, speed, etc. Lunges can be done on the court or in the weight room.

If you are looking to mix in some strength development into your on-court basketball training, then lunges are a great exercise to use. They can be done with just bodyweight and can be very effective. If you are looking to do the exercise in the weight room, you can add dumbbells or a barbell to the exercise to make it even more difficult. Just make sure that the player’s form is correct before adding weight, and if the form suffers from the adding of weight, stick to body weight.



Basketball Exercise Overview

Drill Name: Walking Lunges Basketball Drill

Equipment Needed: Dumbbells or barbell (optional).


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Goals of the Exercise

  • Build leg strength and open up your hips.


Coaching Points

  • Keep your back straight, and don’t let your front knee go over your toes.
  • Keep good form and stay balanced as you do the exercise.
  • You can move your arms as you lunge forward as well.
  • You can add dumbbells or a barbell to make the exercise more difficult; it is the same motion with weights as without them.


Basketball Exercise Instructions

  • Stand with both feet facing forward and take a step out with your right leg in a lunge motion.
  • Stand back up and now take your left foot and step out again in front of your right foot in a lunge motion.
  • Keep repeating these steps for the desired amount of repetitions.


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