Walking Partner Tennis Ball Toss Reverse Between the Legs Basketball Drill

Walking Partner Tennis Ball Toss Reverse Between the Legs Basketball Drill


If you have a basketball player that has trouble with always looking down at the basketball when they dribble, then partner tennis ball dribbling drills are a great tool to use to help cure them of this. By using a tennis ball in the drill, you force the player to keep their eyes up the whole time. This basketball drill also helps to work on the player’s hands as well.

So whether the player is a ball handler or not, this is a good drill to use. Big men need to work on their hands for catching the basketball and finishing around the basket. Also, if your players are struggling with communication this drill can help work on that as well because you can make it so that the players have to communicate on each toss.



Basketball Drill Overview

Drill Name: Walking Partner Tennis Ball Toss Reverse Between the Legs Basketball Drill

Equipment Needed: 2 basketballs, 2 tennis balls, and a partner.


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Goals of the Drill

  • Work on ball handling, hand-eye coordination, and communication.


Coaching Points

  • Stay low in a ball-handling stance the whole time.
  • Focus on giving your partner a good toss and make your move as quickly as you can so that you have more time to catch the tennis ball.
  • When doing basketball dribbling drills, don’t be afraid to mess up and push yourself to get better.


Basketball Drill Instructions

  • Have one player start on the baseline and the other facing him/her about 4-5 feet back.
  • Each player is going to have a basketball in their right hand and a tennis ball in their left hand.
  • They will start dribbling the basketballs and moving up the court.
  • Now at the same time, they are going to toss the tennis ball to each other underhanded.
  • While the tennis ball is up in the air they are going to make a reverse between the legs move with the basketball and then catch the tennis ball with the hand that just had the basketball in it.
  • In between each move, they will take a couple of dribbles but they are going to continue all the way up the floor and back doing the same reverse between the legs move (alternating hands each time).


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