2 Man Outlet Basketball Drill

  Being able to quickly outlet the basketball and get into transition offense can really open up the floor and create easy scoring opportunities. It all starts with the initial exchange from the rebounder to the ball handler, and the quicker this outlet pass can happen, the quicker the offense can move up the floor. […]

10 Keys to Team Defense in Basketball

This article was written by Basketball HQ co-founder Kyle Ohman.   Team Defensive Key 1: Communication Communicate on Defense Talk through exchanges and offensive actions. Discourage the offense with loud communication. Stay engaged the entire play with communication. No Exceptions Be willing to communicate, regardless of position or personality. Communication is non-negotiable.  Accountability Players 1-14 must […]

Attacking the Preseason in Basketball

This basketball coaching article was written by FIU assistant men’s basketball coach Chris Capko.   Many places around the country have begun school, and the basketball pre-season is in full effect. The offseason in basketball takes place from the time the season ends and runs through the summer. To me, this is the preseason. The […]

Basketball Tryout Drills

This basketball coaching article was written by Basketball HQ Co-Founder Kyle Ohman.   Basketball tryouts typically only last for 1-3 days, and during this time, you are challenged with finding the roster that you are going to have for the entirety of the season. In most cases, you have a pretty good idea of who […]

Timeouts and Bench Procedure in Basketball

This basketball coaching article was written by Georgetown assistant men’s basketball coach Kevin Sutton.   Bench Procedures in Basketball The bench must be totally engaged and into the game (mentally and physically). Lack of engagement is a clear indicator to the coach that the player is more concerned with themselves than the team. Being engaged sends a […]

Basketball Drills to do at Home

This article was written by Basketball HQ Co-Founder Kyle Ohman.   It seems like there are always excuses that we can come up with when we aren’t fully committed to something; some excuses may even seem legitimate. One of the biggest excuses that comes up when basketball training is mentioned is not getting access to […]

Resistance Band Speed Squat Exercise

  The resistance band speed squat exercise will be great for developing explosiveness and quickness in a player’s legs. Using a resistance band instead of weights works well because it allows the player range of motion when doing the exercise. Using a barbell to do squats is still a great exercise, but this specific exercise […]

Transition Defense in Basketball

This article was written by University of Southern California assistant men’s basketball coach Chris Capko.   Transition defense is an important part of any team defense in basketball, but it can sometimes be difficult to teach and organize. As a coach, you cannot control when it will happen, how it will happen, or how many players […]

Dumbbell Shoulder Press Variations

  This basketball workout video will explain 3 different types of shoulder press variations that a player can do in the weight room. The exercises are; the standard shoulder press, push press, and single-arm shoulder press. These basketball exercises will translate over to the court and help you become a better player. One of the […]